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Discover Vintage America -SEPTEMBER 2017

Celestial events galore

The Great American Eclipse has now come and gone. I hope you got a chance to see it. The weather was dicey in western Missouri and there were more than a few disappointed eclipsers who were unable to view the moment of totality because of the clouds.

Our group was ready for the eclipse. (photo by Kitty Peer)

By a stroke of luck, my wife and I traveled to Mid-Missouri and were able to see the entire show from beginning to end. We were hosting three friends who traveled here from Pennsylvania for the eclipse. We descended on the home of some of our oldest friends in a far rural area southeast of

Columbia. In turn, their neighbors provided an open space for our group and their own extended family and friends to view the eclipse.

We were an unlikely group of 19 people from all over America brought together in a remote spot in Missouri for a once in a lifetime event. And by the end of the eclipse we were all friends because we had witnessed the rare celestial show together.

And speaking of celestial shows, an impressive new venue for old things has just opened in the Bottoms Up building in Kansas City's West Bottoms. The Collective KC is a group of dealers looking to provide some upscale sensibility that provides the backdrop of the country's most successful antique shows. And to ensure that the public's buying demand remains strong, they're only going to be open for long weekends every three months.

The Collective KC is the brainchild of Gwen McClure, owner of French by Design, and one of the major forces in bringing the antiques and vintage trade to the West Bottoms in the last few years. She is the proprietor of Bottoms Up, and originator of the monthly sales there.

McClure and a cadre of antique dealers have taken over the third floor of the old manufacturing building for The Collective KC. The monthly vintage markets that most people have gotten used to will continue on the second floor and in other buildings in the neighborhood. So folks who enjoy the festive atmosphere that pervades the monthly sales can continue on as usual.

Meanwhile, every quarter, the dealers in The Collective KC will provide a venue where genuine antiques and fine collectibles are displayed in impressive style and presumably, without the crush of crowds. The next sale dates are Nov. 16-19.

Sometimes you get more than you bargain for – true for eclipses and in the vintage marketplace.

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