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Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector

by Leigh Elmore

T he early 2000s were an important period, spanning a time when mechanical watches had quite rightly retaken their place in the world market. We all may have a digital device in our pocket that is more accurate than a mechanical watch, but a timepiece has soul, personality, and history. The collection in this book is a step into the world of vintage watch collecting, with a range of photographs, intricate research, and accessible reference material that will intrigue both the casual and avid enthusiast.

The collection showcases some of the most interesting, luxurious, and functional 20th century (1930-1980) mechanical timepieces ever to be produced, including Heuer's Autavia, Rolex's Submariner, Gallet's MultiChron, Zenith's De Luca, and the Universal Space Compax.

About the author

Alistair Gibbons grew up in Liverpool, England, and trained as a "special effects editor" working in London in the 1990s. The digital revolution was in full swing, but almost as a response to that high-tech world, mechanical watch collecting became his passion and has continued for the last 25 years. He opened his ATG Vintage Watches Forum website in 2002, offering fully restored and serviced watches in excellent condition from little known brands, which by the turn of the 20th century had become a distant memory.

About the publisher:

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Size: 9 1/8″ x 8 1/8″ | 534 color images | 240 pp ISBN13: 9780764354953 Binding: hard cover

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