Fishing River Market opens in downtown Excelsior Springs - A portion of profits benefit Good Samaritan Center

by Leigh Elmore

Old Towne Mall in Excelsior Springs, MO re-opened in October under new ownership as Fishing River Market. The new antiques store is located at 414 S. Thompson Ave. Its mall area includes booths of handcrafted, refurbished, mid-century modern and vintage furniture, craftsman, artist and d├ęcor items. Its gallery includes higher-end antiques. An ice cream parlor is planned for future opening.

Becky Cole and Mike Wrenn of Affinity Worldwide, Inc., new owners of Fishing River Market in Excelsior Springs. (photo courtesy Affinity Worldwide)

Mike Wrenn and Becky Cole, Kansas City entrepreneurs who have invested in old downtown Kearney and Marceline, MO, purchased and began renovations of Old Towne Mall last fall.
In honor of previous owners and active community members, Pat and Tom Fish, they will donate $10,000 plus five percent of Fishing River Market's proceeds, less cost of goods, each year for five years, to Broadway Bargains, a Good Samaritan Center community service selected by the Fishes. The center assists low-income and senior area residents. More information about Good Samaritan Center can be found at

"We have a passion for investing in, and helping historic Midwestern towns," said Wrenn. "I was raised in a small town and want to see them preserved and to thrive."

Sue Boone, who previously managed Kearney Old Church Treasures and who, 30 years ago, ran an antique store at 414 S. Thompson, will manage Fishing River Market.

Sue Boone, seated, manages Fishing River Market and her daughter, Kimi McQuery is the assistant manager. Plenty of space helps to display antiques in their best light. (photos by Leigh Elmore)

"This is like coming home to me," said Boone. "I am grateful to be back in the same building all these years later. Excelsior Springs is a wonderful community."

Fishing River Market will encompass 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space including a mall, gallery and ice cream parlor. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information or to inquire about becoming a dealer contact Sue Boone,, or visit Fishing River Market is part of Affinity Worldwide:

Wrenn and Cole's investment in old downtown Kearney has been recognized by the Clay County Economic Development Council. In December 2017 at its annual Keystone Awards luncheon, Kearney Culinary Academy was one of 10 companies or initiatives recognized for workforce or business development efforts. More information can be found at

The glassware is impressively displayed in the front room.

A complete Eastlake bedroom set dates from the late 1800s.


An antique Teddy bear and old wooden wagon.


A whole room of toys awaits children at Fishing River.


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