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Discover Vintage America - JANUARY 2019

New publisher has big shoes to fill

by Patti Klinge


Patti Klinge, new publisher of Discover Vintage America

I'm not saying that Bruce has big feet, just that he had a lot on his plate as owner and publisher of Discover Vintage America these past 18 years.

Many of you may recognize my name as the designer/art director for this publication since July 2013.

I have come to this position in a meandering way, as sometimes happens in life. After 25 years in IT, first as a software programmer, then a tester, then a project manager, I left (ran screaming from) the corporate world and returned to school to learn graphic design, which combined a love of art with my computer skills.

Midway through the program, when looking for a summer job, Bruce convinced me to come work
for him on Discover, but not just for the summer.
I guess it was a good fit, because here I still am!

I've always had an interest in publication, first as a paste-up artist for a small paper similar to The Thrifty Nickel during the summer after high school, then later as publisher of the PTA monthly newsletter when my children were in elementary school.

I love Discover Vintage America. It's kitschy and unique, still basically in its original newsprint format.

I love the history of the magazine and the fact that the publication is quite vintage itself, having been around for over 45 years now.

I think it's very cool that the founder of Discover, Ken Weyand, is still involved, writing a column and helping out with proof-reading when he can.

I love the "vintage revival" movement and the idea of reusing and repurposing old things instead of throwing them away.

I love browsing through the antique shops and having a sense of nostalgia wash over me when I encounter dolls, toys, lunch boxes and record players that I had as a child.
I'm old-fashioned in a lot of ways. I believe in basic human values like common courtesy, manners and the "Golden Rule."

I think Discover provides an important purpose, bringing people together – merchants and shoppers hunting for treasures, communities celebrating traditions and travelers enjoying festivals and exploring new places.

Together with editor Leigh Elmore, I endeavor to carry on the tradition of Discover Vintage America and increase our reach to even more communities in the Midwest.

I hope you'll continue to find the advertisements valuable and the editorial interesting and enjoyable.

Going forward, you may notice some changes to Discover, in print and online. Hopefully the changes will bring improvements and not be too drastic.

This magazine is for you, the readers and the advertisers, and I always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Here's to the future of Discover, and a happy and prosperous new year for all!

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