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Discover Vintage America - MARCH 2018

Antiquing as a civilizing force

In this age of living one's life on-line, it's comforting to realize that some people still relish an old-fashioned face-to-face relationship, complete with eye contact and handshakes. There's something civilizing that comes in the process.

We at Discover Vintage America hope that we can contribute in a small way to bring people together in the common pursuit of things that we value – be they museum quality antiques or flea market bargains.

Ever since the Romans collected antiques from their Etruscan forebears, people have been fascinated by the relics of daily life left by previous generations – it gives us a sense of connectedness with the past.

As spring approaches the urge to get out and about will only get stronger. When you set out on an antiquing expedition make sure to have the latest issue of Discover Vintage America with you so you can pinpoint the best dealers in whatever Midwestern town you might be visiting. We're old-fashioned that way and our advertisers are eager for your arrival as the following letter from a couple from Ottawa attests:

Letter to the editor:

After 35 years of teaching, and a few years serving as an interim pastor, my wife and I decided to pursue a lifelong dream of opening up a little shop. We combined our love for antiques with my love for sports and toys, and Papa's Attic Antiques and Memorabilia, LLC was born in 2014 in our hometown of Ottawa, KS. 

Of course with any business, advertising to get the word out there is key to any degree of success, and we spent our share of money purchasing advertisements in newspapers, magazines and radio stations. However, when we found out about Discover Vintage America and started using it as a monthly advertising tool, the benefits began paying off in a big way.

From the beginning we have tracked both the number of customers coming through our doors and the places that they have come from, and we have regularly had customers representing every state that Discover touches, plus many more. Often we have heard that they came because they saw our ad in Discover. These ads have been all along the "biggest bang for the buck" that we could have ever spent for advertising. We have listened to many a sales pitch from other advertising media and sign companies, and have explained what we pay each month for a Discover ad and how far it reaches, and asked them if they could compete with that. There has been no argument.

We have appreciated our support through Discover so much over these four years. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, we are closing the doors of Papa's Attic. We wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your professionalism, individual time and attention to detail, the article a couple of years ago featuring our store in a piece about "Man Caves", and for the interesting, informative and up to date articles that have helped us learn and grow our business. We've had a great time turning our love for antiques and people into a business, and Discover played an important part in making our store a success in every way. Best wishes to you as you continue to promote preserving the past for the future.

Mark and Debbie Cation
Papa's Attic Antiques and Memorabilia, LLC
Ottawa, KS 

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