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Discover Vintage America - JUNE 2018

A perfect day in the perfect month

"What is so rare as a day in June?" asked the poet James Russell Lowell. While we don't read much of Lowell's poetry these days, his eternal question still hangs with us.

Fireworks celebrate Mark Twain during "Tom Sawyer Days" in Hannibal, MO (photo courtesy Hannibal Jaycees)

"Not much," is my reply in agreement. Surely, some of the year's most perfect days are ahead
of us this month. That makes June the perfect month to explore your region for its unique beauty, for its history and, of course, for its antiques and vintage shops and festivals.

If there was ever a month for festivals, June is it. Not a weekend will go by this month when there isn't a community festival, antique show, historic re-enactment or old-fashioned carnival taking
place someplace not too far from your home.

And to back me up, this month's issue of Discover Vintage America is filled with advertisements for some of the best antique shows and community celebrations to be found in the Midwest – The Crown Center Antique Show and Old Summit Antique Show are just two such shows that will take place in the Kansas City Area. Other big
ones will take place in Springfield, IL and West Des Moines, IA.

And it's not just in the cities. Small towns and entire swaths of rural areas have figured out how "to promote their local attractions and businesses. Out in West Central Kansas for example, residents of the towns of Great Bend, Tribune, Scott City and Dighton are promoting the June Jaunt along Hwy. 96, the first weekend of the month. So look for "everybody selling every kind of thing" along the route.

Along with antique and vintage sales, history comes alive in many communities this month. In Lexington, MO on June 23, there will be a re-enactment of a slice of history that occurred there in the aftermath of the Civil War. Attendees will also be able to stroll the downtown streets and patronize the local shops and hear more of Lexington's many stories.

What better way to celebrate dad on June 17 than a weekend jaunt through the countryside? In Walnut, IA they celebrate Father's Day weekend with one of the biggest antique shows in the region. Or on the Saturday after Father's Day, June 23, Jamesport, MO will host its annual car show in the middle of Amish country.

Well, I hope you get the picture. There's a lot going on in our vintage world. It takes a good old-fashioned effort to get out there. So please take this as a bit of old-fashioned advice: get in the car and get going.

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